Now is the time for members of the Canadian Home Builders' Association of British Columbia (CHBA BC) to plan the photography part of their Georgie Award submissions. This is the housing awards program that highlights and celebrates excellence in home building as the Georgie Award is recognized as an industry stamp of quality.

We have experience providing photography for Georgie Award submissions and our clients have had excellent results with being winners and finalists.

What are some of the benefits of investing in an experienced, architectural photographer?

- Your project will be photographed with lighting that compliments the space and meets the image entry requirements.

- The architectural photographer will use angles that showcase your project's layout and design.

- We know the submission rules and will format your images so all you need to do is upload them.

- Professional cameras and proper architectural lenses are used so that there is no distortion and high image quality.

- All images are professionally retouched to give them a polished look.

- You receive the rights to use the images to promote your company as well.

There are three levels of architectural photography:

1. DIY or hire an amateur - You have too much to lose. By doing your own photography, hiring someone who does portraits or getting your sister's cousin's Uncle Bob to do it for free is not going to cut it. You will lose out on the opportunity to stand out among your peers.

2. Real Estate Photography - A photographer comes through and snaps some photographs often with flash on camera, runs some digital post proeduction on them to make them colourful and then hands them over to you. This meets the needs of general MLS real estate marketing as it is cheap and quick. It will catch viewers attention but it is not the polished quality that you should be using for an award submission that will provide you with exposure in your industry.

3. Architectural Photography - An architectural photographer has studied how to control and capture interior and exterior lighting, knows how to select tilt shift lenses and the right angles to capture a space in the best way and uses a professional retoucher who specializes in enhancing images. They will be a larger investment but the potential return is larger as you only have one chance to make a first impression with your images.

For more information on how Jason Brown of Revival Arts can help you put together a stunning awards submission, please contact us at 1-877-310-3500 or 604-864-6339 or email Jason has won several architecture awards through the Professional Photographers of Canada and holds an accreditation in Architectural Photography demonstrating that he is able to provide images of excellence in his field. He was studying to become an architect and worked in the building industry for 15 years before becoming a photographer.

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Jason Brown was recently honoured to his image "Radial Ascension" award the Excellence designation in the Professional Photographers of Canada national salon. This is the highest rating an image can receive in the competition and is rewarded for a handful of images each year out of the hundreds submitted. 

It was also selected as part of the Loan Collection which is a prestigious collection of 40 images selected to representing imaging in Canada for that year.

Jason also received Excellence and Best in Class for his "Shoe-icide" image which was also selected as part of the 2013 loan collection. 

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Jason recently was awarded the 2013 Best in Architecture Class trophy from the Professional Photographers of Canada - British Columbia for his image titled "Radial Ascension." The image was created for Falcon Homes of their 2012 multi-Georgie nominated Belmont Home.

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Anyone who’s created a home or a building has some favorite little accents and details. When we ask designers and architects we usually get completely different responses than if we ask builders or developers. No matter what the perspective, having great architectural detail photographs are something that add to our clients’ portfolios and marketing materials. It’s often the details and craftsmanship that separate good from excellent work in the building industry.

Here are some details from our architectural photography …

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The City of Surrey commissioned renowned architect, Bing Thom, to design a new city centre library. The library was created to be a place to discover new technologies, connect people and ideas and to inspire creativity.

The 77,000 square foot building on four levels had a $36 million budget and is sure to become an iconic landmark. It is silver LEED certified and has a green roof among other environmentally friendly features.

Jason Brown recently photographed the Surrey City Centre Library and here are a few of the images ….

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